Cartels thrive in NM as Guv frets over ROAD KILL & freeing DRUG dealers


Governor Grisham

The NY Post interviewed a sheriff, a DEA chief, and other officials in New Mexico and came up with a very alarming report. The drug cartels and possibly terrorists are thriving in New Mexico since two border patrol checkpoints were shut down.

Otero County last month became the first border community to declare a state of emergency after the federal government shut down two local checkpoints in the area. Those checkpoints gave them a second line of defense but the border agents were needed in El Paso.

Otero County Sheriff David Black, 56, said he only has 44 gun toters to oversee 6,628 of lonely ranchland and pistachio orchards nestled among national parkland and the Holloman Air Force Base.


“I’ve had to redeploy my guys,” said Black. Reading from a report on his desk in the Otero County Sheriff’s Office he told The Post that his deputies seized $60,000 worth of illicit drugs in April. The figure is markedly up from the $3,500 seized in January when the Border Protection checkpoints were still working, he noted, adding. “We have always relied heavily on those border patrol checkpoints.”

Since last October, Border Protection agents have discovered seven tons of marijuana and nearly half a ton of methamphetamine in the area, according to CBP statistics.

Maybe if the governor hadn’t removed all assistance, the agency would have been taken New Mexico more seriously.

The unmanned checkpoints are also a headache for Kyle Williamson, the Drug Enforcement Agency’s special agent in Charge of the El Paso Division, which includes all of New Mexico and West Texas.

His office monitors 770 miles of the US-Mexico border and 11 international ports of entry.

“We’ve lost our second line of enforcement,” said Otero County DEA veteran Kyle Williamson, 52.

“Are cartels capitalizing on the confusion at the border? Yes, they are!” Williamson told The Post. “They are using it as a cover to move drugs, which are coming through legal ports of entry. If your drugs are coming through legal ports of entry, you need lines of defense.”

Williamson said his team recently seized 44 pounds of fentanyl — “enough to wipe out all of New Mexico, Texas and the entire state of Chihuahua.”


Most of the deaths from opioid addiction in the U.S. are from fentanyl which is coming in from our southern border. Most are NOT coming from drug companies and bad doctors, and most people who need the drugs do not abuse them. The problem stems from illegal drug buys.

Couy Griffin, chairman of Otero County’s Board of Commissioners, who spearheaded the move to declare a state of emergency last month, said the situation is dire. In addition to drug traffickers and migrants, Griffin fears that terrorists take advantage of the abandoned checkpoints to sneak into the rest of the country.

“We have got to secure our border, period,” said Griffin, 45.


In addition to the federal government’s shutdown of the checkpoints, New Mexico’s recently installed Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, withdrew 118 National Guard troops from the state’s southern boundary. She did it to RESIST President Trump. Earlier this year, she called Trump’s policies at the Mexican border a “charade of border fear-mongering.”

She is a crackpot, a liar, and a fool. What she does worry about is astounding.

Grisham is worried about wildlife showing up on highways dead — in other words, ROAD KILL.  Grisham just signed the Wildlife Corridors Act into law, which will give wild animals options to stay off of highways and roads. The goal is to increase safety for drivers and animals, but mostly animals. The bill will identify road kill areas and passages for the animals will have to be set up.

She is also looking to pardon or grant clemency to more prisoners more easily. If they say they are remorseful and demonstrated personal growth, she wants to pardon them or grant clemency. She particularly wants to pardon so-called “non-violent drug offenders.” That will take in a lot of people fomenting the problem coming across the border.

In the wake of the Border Protection withdrawal, Griffin and Black want the governor to redeploy the National Guard, and they are determined to sue the state if the governor continues to refuse to cooperate, Griffin said.

“Unfortunately, we have a governor who is so interested in politics that she has lost touch with the people of this county,” Griffin told The Post. “We have a governor who continues to claim that there is no crisis at the border.”


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4 years ago

You get what you vote for (deserve). NM has a communist/globalist/opportunist crackpot Gov. She is a disaster but the wealthy limosine liberals in Taos and Santa Fe love chasing rainbows like global warming, open borders, prisoners as victims and other nonsense. You remember her ‘breaking down walls’ commercial? Infantile, crazy. Let NM voters deal with it.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

More insanity from ‘Open Borders’ proponents promoting anarchy for the sake of power and control placing safety of people last.