Cash for Solar Clunkers – Government Trying to Snooker Us


Solyndra’s shuttered buildings were raided by the FBI today. The government is joking right?


The President said Solyndra was the true energy of growth and the government had to help educate children so they could work at Solyndra. Oh, duh, the educated children will have to work in China then because that is where all the green solar jobs are going.

This is why the government needs to get lost. The government needs to trust the people, in other words, the government needs to trust the  free market.

This is a very sad case in the end. A lot of people lost their jobs (people in the U.S., not China).

The government did nothing but waste tax dollars and now they are pretending it’s Solyndra’s fault alone and they (the government) were snookered, thus the FBI raid. Excuse me, but we all know the Chinese can do the same thing as Solyndra for a fraction of the cost that Solyndra expended.

You don’t have to be a genius to know this was a losing proposition. I guess Solyndra was expecting to be on the endless taxpayer dole like GM.

The FBI said that the raid is part of a investigation by the Energy Department. The feds want to know if federal loans to Solyndra were mismanaged in the months leading up to the company’s demise. FBI Public Affairs Specialist Peter D. Lee has confirmed to reporters the raid indeed occurred but that all documents relating to the probe are currently sealed.

Oh, excuse me, but the only mismanagement was of our tax dollars. The Washington Post described it as follows: “You make something in a factory and it costs $6, you sell it for $3, but you really, really need to sell it for $1.50 to be competitive,” Lynch said of Solyndra. “It was an insane business model. The numbers just don’t work, and they never did.”