Castro Offers Health Care, Reparations, Extreme Climate Change Policies!


Presidential candidate Julian Castro could win the great freebie giveaway in the presidential sweepstakes.

He wants to give away reparations, an absurd idea. He supports free health care for all including illegal aliens. Under his plan, we could conceivably give health care to the entire world if they get in. And Castro wants a Green New Deal for the greatly exaggerated climate change ‘crisis’ — the ‘crisis’ of undecided science we can do little about.

About that climate science, there is a good article at Watt’s Up With That about the desperate need for the climate science panel the President is forming. It will be a diverse panel, not a brainwashed one-sided panel.

Climate science is not a decided science, but the left wants you to believe it is because they are using it to further their goals of transforming this country.

Castro doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but in the new Democrat Party, you don’t have to think or prove or even make sense, just spout talking points.

The bizarre ideas being mainstreamed in the Democrat Party are stunning.

In the mumbo jumbo category, however, no one can beat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s just not debatable. She’s a dope, a popular dope, but a dope nonetheless.

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