Castro walks ‘asylum seekers’ across the border & CBP walks them back


Julian Castro, polling at an almost negligible two percent in his run for the presidency, has taken to breaking the law again. He escorted some so-called asylum seekers over the border.

He traveled south of the border, rounded up a small band of ineligible asylum seekers, and walked them into the United States. They were hoping to flout the law — the new ‘Remain in Mexico’ program.

Castro’s charges claimed an exemption because they are LGBTs and handicapped foreigners. Right then and there, the CBP officials heard their cases, sitting them down for interviews.

Three hours later, they were all sent back to Mexico. They had already been processed and were given court dates. They have to wait in Mexico until their court date comes up.

As we have seen over the past two years, they can’t wait here in the States. We don’t have any room! Castro claims the President is treating them cruelly, but it would be a lot more problematic to stick them in crowded conditions where they might be assaulted. The worst part of this is Castro used these people, played on their emotions for political gain.

Castro wants handicapping conditions and sex preferences to become reasons for illegal immigration. We have too many exceptions now.

LaRaza Rosie’s son Julian failed in another publicity stunt. He made sure to pick LGBTs because that looks good for his image.

He did make it to CNN, the network almost no one goes to for their news. Otherwise, the prank caught almost no attention.

Notice how perfectly well-dressed these seekers are:

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