Cataclysmic Changes Are Coming to the Democrat Party in 2020


The hard-left is going for a complete takeover of the Democratic Party and are planning to run primaries against seven of Pelosi’s deputies. Seven Democrat committee chairs might be replaced by radical socialists and communists in 2020.

The Squad, Pressley, Omar, Tlaib, Cortez, are becoming the party leaders and several committee chairs, Pelosi’s confidantes, face challengers even further left than they are.

One powerful deputy Rep. Nita Lowey of NY, the Chair of the House Appropriations Committee has not faced a challenge since 1988. She will be challenged by the far-left Obama administrative Justice Department staffer, Mondaire Jones. He sees himself and the race as comparable to AOC’s.

Others to be challenged are Neal of Massachusetts, Foreign Affairs Chair Elliot Engel of NY, Energy and Commerce Chair Frank Pallone Jr of NJ, Transportation of Infrastructure Chair Peter DeFazio of Oregon, Agriculture Chair Collin Peterson of Minnesota, Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler of NY.

Even losing one of these positions could be “cataclysmic” as Breitbart writes.

The swiftness of the takeover since the squad’s election is stunning. They are backed by the progressives at large, which includes communists and socialists.

Expect to see outrageously extreme demands on literally every issue. In the forefront will be The Green New Deal with its hatred of cars and cows, open borders, a government takeover of companies and industries, including healthcare, hatred of Israel and Jews, free college, reparations, the abolishment of the Second Amendment, tax and spend, and basically all power in the hands of a few revolutionary elites in D.C., many of whom are notable nitwits. Their environmental policy will destroy American energy production.

If you think it can’t happen, you’re wrong, you racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, sexist, white supremacist, and whatever else they throw at you to make you less than human and unworthy of power.

The hard-left is running the show and have abandoned the more moderate Dems, who aren’t even all that moderate. Normal Democrats are left to choose, become socialists or communists or look to another party or stay home.

Democrats are pushed so far left they won’t be able to negotiate on anything and, indeed, they have accomplished nothing since they’ve taken over the House.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made the point in a Breitbart News hourlong radio exclusive earlier this month that Democrats have already failed to accomplish anything since taking the majority.

“Look at what the policies this new socialist Democrat party is doing,” McCarthy said.

“They want to ‘one,’ their first most important bill—when you become the majority, you reserve the first ten numbers for your most important bills—so their most important bill, H.R. 1, was to take your taxpayer money and give it to their campaigns. Literally, tax the American public and give them thousands of dollars for their own campaigns. Then they have what is called Medicare for None. Medicare for None would take 180 million people’s healthcare away while at the same time bankrupt those who are currently on Medicare. It’s more government control. That’s what I really believe this future election will be about: Socialism versus freedom. Control versus freedom. They just want greater control over our lives.”

The hard-left is also running radical candidates in state and local elections throughout the country.

They are heavily funded. AOC, for example, only received $1500 from ten people in her district in way of donations, yet she is flush with cash from Hollywood and other California leftists.

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