Catastrophic Failures Like McCain Are Conspiring with Dems to Force Trump Out


Catastrophic failures in politics, including leading Republicans, are out to force Trump to resign says Spengler, an American economist, music critic, and author. He heard it from a ranking GOP leader.

A ranking Republican statesman this week told an off-the-record gathering that a “coup” attempt was in progress against President Donald Trump, with collusion between the largely Democratic media and Trump’s numerous enemies in the Republican Party, PJ Media reported.

They’re trying to force Trump to resign and some leaks are coming from Republicans.

There is no chance Trump will be Impeached at this point and there is a “witch hunt” going on as Trump has said. His enemies have resorted to resignation as the path to follow.

David Goldman, the writer for PJ Media and Asia Times, is also known as Spengler and was recently interviewed by SharkNationRadio, which you can listen to below.

If Trump was chargeable, he said, there would be a constitutional crisis but there is nothing lodged against him that is an Impeachable offense.

There is, however, a “foul” effort by WSJ editorialists, John McCain, Bill Kristol, other Republicans and Democrats who are trying to force Trump to resign.

It’s a cold civil war that some Republicans have joined, though Spengler believes Trump can win it.

John McCain left us worse off in Afghanistan than we were and Trump called McCain out for it. That made enemies of McCain, Bush, Bill Kristol and others, Spengler says. Those are the Republicans who have destroyed our country and this is an enormous policy difference on which these Republicans banked their entire careers and legacy, he concludes.

It does seem obvious that leakers include Republicans. There are rumors that insiders in the White House including establishment types like Dina Powell are leaking.

Some of the people who advise Trump are leaking they don’t like the other people. Trump has to remember the agenda he ran on and stick to it without wavering.

The latest establishment type who might get into a key position is Joe Lieberman, a nice guy but a friend to McCain, Hillary and numerous others out to get Trump.

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