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Al Qaida Weighs In On Libya

Who are the Libyan rebels? We don't really know. Al Queada backs the Libyan Rebels

Christians Pushed Out Of Bethlehem By Muslims

Since 2000, the 40% population of Christians in Bethlehem has gone down to 15%. Prior to 2000, the Christian population was at 60%. "There are many examples of intimidation, beatings, land theft, firebombing of...

Libyan War, It Will Be Costly

No one wanted to see the 700,000 citizens of Benghazi "cleansed." The British and French began bombing by air, saving them and forcing Obama's hand after he quickly dispatched Hillary to discuss it in...

Freedom As Defined By The Muslim Brotherhood

What will freedom look like once it is defined by Egypt. The influence of the Muslim Brotherhood is increasing. The Pew polls support the theory that Egyptians are very sympathetic to the goals of...

Wow, We Started The New Crusades

Putin, in his usual anti-freedom mode, believes we have begun the new Crusades. Crusades