Catholic Nancy Pelosi Prays to God for the Continued Killing of the Unborn


Roman Catholic Nancy Pelosi, who is not allowed to receive communion, was recently asked, “Speaking of women’s rights, how do we stop Kavanaugh…?”

Her answer is demonic to some of us. To those who agree with her, take into account the point to be made here. She is praying to the creator of life to allow Americans to continue killing.

“I pray a lot. I believe in the power of prayer and I think it is urgent. This, of course, is a Senate matter in terms of confirmation. But all of those groups I talked about, they are out there on Kavanaugh, too, because it is a danger to affordable health care, women’s right to choose, any stare decisis—Brown v. the Board of Education, civil rights, voting rights, environmental protection and the rest. So, this is as serious as it gets.

“And, again, public sentiment. If the public is aware of what it means to them in their lives. Elections have ramifications. People didn’t turn out. They were overconfident maybe that Hillary would win. And this president will be there for four years but these judges will be there closer to forty. It’s very, very dangerous.”

For those who believe in God, it is inherently evil to pray to him for the continuation of the murder of the unborn babies.


There are cases when abortion is needed, but as Hillary once said, it should be safe, legal, and rare. Now, of course, she wants abortion-on-demand, in other words, abortion for any reason and until the moment of birth when the baby is fully-formed.

That is what all Democrats are pushing.

Pelosi, who claims she goes to church every Sunday, prays to the Almighty God, the One who created life, to defeat Kavanaugh because he might participate in ending the government-sanctioned murder of unborn babies.

Late-term abortion isn’t rare and it’s brutal. Look up partial-birth abortion and see what it is. Be informed.

Kavanaugh isn’t calling for that. He’s calling for making the Constitution the rule of law and he will judge fairly. It’s not likely abortion is going anywhere. The worst that would happen is it would be sent to the states or it might be reined back in or nothing will happen.

She is one sick puppy.

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Dennis Richardson
Dennis Richardson
1 year ago

GO to HELL Nancy Bitch

Joy Randolph
Joy Randolph
3 years ago

Nancy Pelosi needs to pray for those babies she and her party kill every day, thousands and thousands of abortions. She makes a mockery of prayer. She is one sick woman

4 years ago

@areyou2: “… not living up to the standards of their faith …”
If you’re referring to the pedophiles that have infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church and gotten away with their crimes, then, I agree.

4 years ago

The abortion industry is nothing else then performing genocide. The number of babies aborted or murdered goes into tens of millions. Economically speaking, soon we are talking about 400 trillion dollars of damage. And this is not all. Not even the most evil regimes in the history of the world could or would do this, the abortion industry to to earn money from the bodies of the murdered babies.
God will be waiting for those butchers, mass-murderers and the most evil of criminals and hell is waiting for them, burning them all the way till the end of time. That they will be cursed in life and after death and beyond.

4 years ago

@areyou2: Catholic Charities have done more to help children than any Democratic politician.

4 years ago
Reply to  Bev

Agreed! Catholic Charities have done many great things.(Although the standards of democrat politicians are a low bar IMHO).
I was referring to the shepherds (and the shepherds of the shepherds) not living up to the standards of their faith in regards to the many instances of reprehensible treatment of children.