CATO: Middle Income Earners Will Receive Largest % of Tax Cuts – “By Far”


Remember all of the Republicans who insanely ripped into the Republican reform tax plan as you read this news from the CATO Institute.

CATO has analyzed the Republican tax reform bill and concluded, “The bill provides even larger percentage cuts for middle earners than previous versions of the legislation.”

If enacted, Chris Edwards writes, “Middle-income households will receive by far the largest percentage income tax cuts in 2019.”

We don’t agree with Progressive tax systems where the better-off are penalized for success, nor does CATO, but it does expose the lies being spread by the Democrats. It is also good to see the Middle Class benefit.

The Democrats have been loud and aggressive in their condemnation of the tax bill .

Chuck Schumer has gone ballistic over the tax bill.

Listen to “rock star” Maxine trash the bill as a payoff to millionaires and billionaires.

The President speaking about the tax plan.

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