CAUGHT! Rep. Jerry Nadler Called Her a Liar, Today She Has Proof He Is


Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jerrold Nadler runs the committee that has jurisdiction over impeachment and it has gone to Nadler’s head. The angry leftist released 81 document requests to agencies and individuals tied in some way to the President. The two most important people in the investigation of collusion were left off the list, i.e., Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele.

The probes in the House are meant to damage the President, his agenda, and everyone on the right. The Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway had it right last November when he called her a liar for saying he would do exactly what he is doing. Today, she was able to call him out for it.

Nadler admitted he does not have proof the President committed crimes. That makes this a fishing expedition.


Hemingway exposed Nadler’s plan to use the power of his office to damage Trump with feigned “accountability” investigations in November. He called her a liar on national television.

The Federalist editor made a liar out of him on Wednesday.

“On November 7, 2018, I sat across from Rep. Jerry Nadler on the Amtrak as he discussed big impeachment plans, which he planned to present not as impeachment but as holding Trump “accountable.” Media know and support this,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Media will help Schiff and Dems seamlessly transition from 2 years of Russia collusion allegations to other investigations, because media is just as complicit in Russia hoax as Democrats and so they need the transition just as much as Schiff/Dems do.”

Today, she wrote, “I mentioned tonight on Special Report that Nadler called me a liar (on national TV!) when I detailed in November his plans to use his power to go after POTUS through “accountability” investigations. (I was listening on Amtrak) As his actions this week show, I was not lying.”


We wrote about this at the time. Jerrold Nadler was making a series of phone calls to discuss the party’s next moves. He was speaking loudly. You know how loud people can be on a phone on a train, Mollie said.

Nadler told one person on the phone he wants to investigate the President and Justice Kavanaugh as part of a larger plan for impeachment.

One person he spoke with said they should go about “it quietly”. Nadler said they can’t because word gets out that the FBI and the committee are reaching out to witnesses.

During his conversations, Nadler lamented identity politics [good] and the thriving economy [bad] and worried about Democrats losing working-class voters while gaining elite former Republicans and suburban women.

While worried about identity politics, he identifies the people he doesn’t want to be identified with.


Former Harvard attorney Alan Dershowitz says the eight House investigations might be an overstepping of authority. They have no right to interfere with the Executive to function. Dershowitz said they look like they are going too far. Congress was not meant to be an investigative bureau.

Democrats are weaponizing the congressional process.

  • “Nadler admitted he does not have proof the President committed crimes. That makes this a fishing expedition.”

    Liberal media loves to go fishing for a story against President Trump; they’ll reel in a whooper with their hook, line and stinkers.

  • You just know what’s going to happen. Every so often they are going to leak something (either real or made up) that will result in a lurid headline bashing Trump. There will be no corroboration, there will be no fact checking, the source will be anonymous, but you know the legacy media is going to shout it from the mountaintops as if it was gospel.

    Perhaps later on, on a Saturday, on the back page they will sort of walk back the claim when it is proved to be totally bogus. But they have already succeeded. The damage has been done. The accusation is out there. They will keep pounding these nails until we will all be so saturated we will just want the whole thing to go away.

    They are counting on keeping the accusations front and center. They are counting on keeping the focus on Trump and his supposed misdeeds. They are counting on keeping Trump on the defensive. They are counting on all of this making people turn on Trump.

    And it’s not going to work.

    • Stay alert!!! Only those with less than 1/100,000th of their brain in working order should succumb to their drivel….and from the recent election results, if they ARE genuine, there appears to be over 50% of the population in the “affliction zone”…

  • don’t be mad at Jerry. He isn’t used to the limelight. he is usually under a bridge collecting tolls.

  • We are losing our Country, Mitch McConnell could help but he doesn’t, he is a Never Trumper holding the door open for the Democrats. Two years in and McConnell is still dragging his feet on filling Trumps cabinet. No President has gone this long without a full cabinet. McConnell has not adjourned the Senate since Trump has been in office to prevent him from making recess appointments to his Cabinet.
    McConnell is nothing more than a Jerry Nadler in disguise, McConnell covers his tracks so he can remain a Senator, but he has since January allowed two votes by the Senate that are Warning shots across the Presidential bow exposing himself as a Never Trumper RINO. Next week he will allow a vote to declare Trumps emergency action on the border null and void. McConnell likes open borders, it means a lot of US Chamber of Commerce money & Soros money. If this is allowed to continue your grandchildren will get to experience what they are experiencing in Venezuela.