Occasionally-Correct CBO Brings In Nasty Numbers on Republican Healthcare Bill


The same CBO that misjudged the costs of Obamacare, giving it every benefit of the doubt, says the Republican healthcare plan will result in 14 million people losing insurance in ten years but will cut the deficit by $337 billion in the same time period.

The President indicated they are working to make the bill better. The White House strongly disagrees with the CBO figures.

The poor numbers will ensure that Republican take amendments to improve the bill.

The problem has always been it’s a new entitlement, a freebie some believe, and Americans now see healthcare as a “right”. Perhaps the people didn’t like the way Rep. Chaffetz phrased it, but they will willingly pay for an iPhone but not their healthcare. It’s a point Obama once made, only his solution is to offer a new unsustainable entitlement.

Americans want socialist healthcare and even this quasi-socialist healthcare bill is not going to pass muster. We are liable to end up with full-leftist healthcare and it will be the end of us down the road.

Republicans spoke moments later.

Former New York attorney general Betsy McCaughey explains why she believes the CBO is wrong. As she said, the CBO is assuming no one will get healthcare unless it’s free. They ignored the fact that the premiums will be lowered by having taxpayers pay for the very ill, McCaughey said.

McCaughey has been a supporter of the Republican bill, saying it will boost jobs and cut taxes.

Newt Gingrich doesn’t trust the “dishonest” CBO. It should be abolished and have professional teams score it.

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