CBP Captures Sex Offenders, Primarily Child Molesters Here Illegally


Sixteen of Nancy Pelosi’s angels were arrested this month. Except they’re not angels. These people are sex offenders, and they are mostly child molesters. They came in with the caravans.

The perverts were deported before, after their prior convictions.

The subjects, all Mexican or Honduran nationals, were encountered within groups of migrants attempting to enter the country illegally. Records checks indicate most of the offenses occurred throughout California and Arizona. Additionally, the majority of convictions were crimes committed against minors.

They were found in only one sector — Tucson.

“Last month, more than a dozen illegal aliens, who had committed heinous crimes in at least eight U.S. states were arrested by Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents as they tried to sneak back into the country”, said Sector Chief Roy Villareal. “Were it not for the efforts of our agents, these criminal aliens could have victimized additional U.S. citizens.”

All of the arrestees were prosecuted for immigration violations with some facing felony immigration prosecution.

CBP is shoveling sand against the tide. D.C. wants illegal immigration.

Border walls are immoral.

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