CBS Brings Back Dinosaur Bob Schieffer to Say Trump Has to Prove He’s Innocent


After making incoherent claims that if Lee Harvey Oswald hadn’t died and testified there would be fewer conspiracies, Bob Schieffer said that’s why Trump is coming up with conspiracies. Talking head Schieffer is retired but, unfortunately, not gone, and is brought out periodically to attack President Trump.

Schieffer is the one who forecast Trump would lose no less than 12 times.

Don’t worry about this not making sense. What he said next was even worse. He said Trump has to prove he’s innocent in the Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy.

There is no evidence of anything so how exactly is Trump supposed to do that? When did we abandon the concept of the presumption of innocence?

Why is it incumbent on Trump to prove himself innocent of outrageous claims without evidence so far?

Hillary Clinton has violated our national security and the espionage act, among other egregious acts, but she doesn’t have to prove a thing.

In the end, aren’t they all just banding together to protect the Clintons? With Comey gone, the way is cleared for a serious Clinton investigation. All the immunity deals are gone if the new FBI Director says they’re gone.

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