CBS fears new Dem plan protects “WHITE MEN,” mainly “old white men”


CBS and in the case of this story, CBS This Morning is indistinguishable from the Democrat Party. It’s hard to know if the media determines what the Democrat Party does or if it’s the reverse. In any case, they are in a symbiotic relationship and that was clear this morning when they spouted their rock-solid belief in identity politics.

They noticed that the Democrats’ incumbent protection plan protects “white men,” especially “old white men.” Democrat leadership put the plan in as a response to the new hard-left Democrats attempting to primary incumbents for not being hard-left enough. AOC and her followers have harshly criticized the DCCC and their nomination procedures and policies. They are also pushing for primaries against incumbents.

Commentator Tony Dokoupil brought up a recent Democratic Party policy that bars political consultants from aiding primary challengers.

“I’ll go first. I have a story of unintended consequences,” Dokoupil began. “Democratic leadership in the House, they have a new policy meant to protect incumbents, people currently in office. The policy is no challenger to that seat — no consultant can work with a challenger to that seat.”

“Now, the idea is to help keep the people who are in Congress, make them stay in Congress,” Dokoupil continued.


“Here’s the problem. Two-thirds of those people in those statehouse seats are older white men. The people who are making the challenges often are often female, often younger, often people of color. So, people are looking at this new policy and they’re thinking, ‘Not a good look for the Democratic Party.’ Unintended consequences.”

There you have it — no protection for old white men, even though the only white man on the leadership team is House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

Their identity politics is intended to discriminate against white men. Blacks are only 13% of the population.

The New York Times is in on it and ran a piece on Sunday titled, Insurgent Democrats, Many of Them Women, Worry a New Party Policy Will Block Them.

“A move by House Democratic leaders to thwart party members from mounting primary challenges to incumbents, even in safe Democratic districts, could have the unintended consequence of arresting the party’s shift toward a more female and racially diverse caucus, one of its most striking achievements of the last election,” the paper warned.

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4 years ago

No, the dim policy will not ruin the challengers run for office. They will do to themselves, given the opportunity. Just listen to their pandering speeches and utterances. Totally off their rockers, they are.
No common sense nor logic employed in any of it. Except to the brainwashed far leftists who soak it up.
Doom is in their future. And the party knows it. Thus the constant changing of internal policies in the dim party. Looking for a message which sticks.
Don’t think it will happen. They are too far gone to the left to recover. Just watch the circus with it s full complement of clowns the closer we come to 2020. Much desperation is in the air.
More popcorn needed.

4 years ago

I saw a cool meme on webbernett tubes, it showed Comrade Bernie and Jo Jo Biden with the caption…the leading candidates for the party that hates old white men.