CBS News Says Ayatollahs’ ‘Death to America’ Chants Are Just Force of Habit


In case you missed it, a televised report on CBS News Saturday morning was a propagandized version of the nuclear deal and it gives a whole new meaning to the word “ludicrous”. According to CBS, the Ayatollahs don’t really mean it when they say ‘Death to America, it’s done out of habit.

The Gateway Pundit caught a propagandized tweet put out by correspondent Elizabeth Palmer of CBS’ London Bureau. She later deleted it but he already posted the story.

It was a tweet too far.

The tweet was linked to a story worthy of 1930s Germany.

In the CBS alleged-news story, she said that the usual ‘Death to America’ chant after Friday morning prayers was more ‘habit than conviction’ and all those people celebrating were thrilled that they will be part of the world community. It’s not that we sold ourselves, Israel and our other allies in the region down the proverbial river.

“At Friday prayers there was the usual chant of ‘death to America’, but more habit than conviction. The sermon by Senior Ayatollah Kashani made it clear that Iran’s leaders support this deal. “I congratulate those who led the talks,” he said. “Great job.”

In response to someone tweeting their skepticism, she said that we have to remember that all those Iranians have relatives here. She didn’t seem to know about the Mullah-sponsored protests in all major Iranian cities on Saturday in which the people carried signs of ‘Down with America’, ‘Down with Israel’, Down with Saudi Arabia’.

It should be noted that CBS News President David Rhodes’ brother is Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes.

There are other questionable media-White House ties:

ABC News president Ben Sherwood’s sister, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is Special Assistant to Barack Obama on national security affairs.

CNN’s deputy bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is the wife of Tom Nides who was Hillary Clinton’s deputy.

Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter works for CNN.

Both of the previous press secretaries, Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney have done a turn on MSNBC as contributors.

Claire Shipman, Senior National Correspondent for ABC’s Good Morning America, is married to President Obama’s former White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney.

Susan Rice, the White House’s National Security Advisor, is the wife of former ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron.

Former ABC reporter Matt Jaffe is married to Deputy Press Secretary Katie Hogan.

The ties that bind.

The White House press corps is preparing a list of transparency demands for the White House after six years of him running the government like a Third World dictator. It will be another meaningless exercise. Supposedly, they’re infuriated at the lack of access and transparency but that is a late hour attempt to feign legitimacy IMHO. They will do anything to cover for him.

The most memorable CBS tweets follow.

Palmer’s réponse to criticism of her moronic tweet:

Palmer tweeted about a U.S. Narcotics Anonymous effort in Iran. Perhaps she should worry about narcotics in the U.S. instead of trying to ‘normalize’ Iran.

Palmer once compared Iranian presidential candidates to the Tea Party. Sarah Palin’s response was that Palmer put the ‘BS’ in ‘CBS’. Palmer thinks the terror-sponsoring Iranian leaders are equal to the limited government patriots in the U.S. They’re all just conservatives to her.

Based on her performance as a propagandist for CBS News, we proudly award her The Joseph Goebbels Award for Public Enlightenment. It was between her and Harry Reid. She edged him out.

Goebbels Award

Patriot Ed W. provided the inspiration for the award.

Go to The Gateway Pundit who had the story first.


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