CBS Reports Hordes of Foreigners Pouring Into the US illegally Each Day


According to a report on CBS News Monday morning, groups of hundreds of people at a time are crossing the border on a daily basis in one sector alone [Tucson]. As many as 800 on one day have been caught at the border.

How many are not caught?

In one day 800 were brought to a church for shelter. Smugglers are taking advantage of the policy change of not separating parents from children at the border. So, the smugglers match up kids to adults.

Cartels follow U.S. policy and adapt accordingly. When the policy of separating parents and children at the border changed, the cartels increased the illegal migration.

President Trump is now saying the parents will be given a choice of being imprisoned with their children or arranging for someone to care for them.

Imagine what the left will do with that prior to the election.

This story was reported by CBS after the 60 Minutes interview of President Trump by Lesley Stahl. During the interview, Trump said we need to change all the immigration laws.

According to the CBS News report, the Mexican cartel smugglers are coaching the migrants on what to say when they cross the border in order to get asylum.

The flow of people is so great, that the detention facilities can no longer handle the number of people showing up and are therefore sending them off to churches.



Just in time for the election, Democrat-enabled hordes from Honduras, led by cartels are on their way to the border.

They will be here in time to scream and rant, tricking Americans into thinking the President is cruel and doing something different from what Obama did.

Illegal alien apprehensions have skyrocketed and increased numbers of migrant children are pouring in unaccompanied.


Right now, we have a caravan of about 1,600 Hondurans walking to the United States. We don’t know who these people are but we do know many will be bad actors. Many criminals grab hold of the unaccompanied children and pretend they are with them so they can cross and be released onto our streets.

The big lie they tell is they travel in large groups for safety, but the real reason is cartels are finding this more effective and lucrative.

The caravan has been growing as it travels and the leftists and their buddies in the cartel are enticing vagabounds along the way.


These caravans come through constantly now. The cartels have taken to importing larger and larger groups. They are aided and abetted by Democrat organizations who demand “compassion”.

There is no compassion for future victims or Americans who have to support them, however.

The Associated Press reports that “families arrived with infants in their arms and toddlers in strollers…most carrying little more than a backpack.” That’s the left-wing media for you — telling the one sad story but ignoring the fact that many of these people are criminals and terrorists.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence recently told the presidents of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to stop the mass migrations.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 years ago

Congress is not properly funding border security. And President Trump is not as tough as he appears.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Just like the Cuban boatloads back in the 70-80’s druggies, dealers, psychotics and the bottom of the barrels low-life’s, now add terrorists to the new barbarians and the invasion continues.

4 years ago

And every one of the adults is going to vote, and vote Dem. Why are we allowing this?