CBS Reports NY Times Story of Trump’s “Order” to “Fire Mueller” Was Fake News


CBS News reports that the President did not “order” the senior White House lawyer Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller and McGahn did not tell the President he was going to quit because of it. That entire New York Times story was fake news in other words. CBS doesn’t use the words ‘fake news’ but fake news it was.

CBS has their own story, a new fake story, via their anonymous sources. They claim McGahn did grouse to colleagues about possibly quitting. He was feeling the pressure from the President and his having to explain what was legal to do and not.

They also claim that the President did discuss firing Mueller with his staff. McGahn, other White House counsel attorneys, and other senior staff talked Mr. Trump to back off the notion of firing Mueller based on the risks involved and the lack of legal basis to oust the special counsel, they reported.

In other words, so what?

This is after days of hysteria from the media.

CBS News reports:

White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign from his position in June 2017– but it was not in direct response to President Trump’s discussion of firing newly appointed special counsel Robert Mueller. Two sources directly involved in the deliberations tell CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett that McGahn’s threat was not communicated directly to Mr. Trump, but adjudicated by senior staff, principally then-chief of staff Reince Priebus and then-chief strategist Steve Bannon. 

Garrett reports that while Mr. Trump talked about firing Mueller, he never issued a direct “order” to do so in any written form, although he did say he favored it in the presence of senior staff.

How long will it take for the next story to be debunked?

According to bizarro hack Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, Trump deciding to not fire Jim Comey is obstruction of justice. He thinks it goes to intent. Personally, I don’t think Mueller’s going for intent. He’s just going for enough of an accusation to get him impeached.

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