CBS Writes a Fake Story About Backlash Over Walmart Christmas Lights


The pearl clutchers who see the dark side of everything are out watching our choices of Christmas lights this season. There can be no humor in things they disagree with. If they don’t like your hobbies, watch out, they will try to get them banned. That’s what happened when Professor Bec saw shotgun shell Christmas lights.

A lazy CBS local digital producer decided it would make a good fake news story.

The CBS local producer saw the [propaganda] tweet by this member of #MomsDemand and asked if she could use the photo [for her own propaganda] and Professor Bec, of course, said, ‘go for it’. We all know who’s side CBS is on.

Someone should also tell this Professor that there is no such thing as Xmas.


CBS local then wrote an article headlined, Walmart Faces Backlash For Sale Of Shotgun Shell Holiday Lights. The ‘backlash’ was one tweet. The responses were almost 100 percent in support of Walmart.

The article continues, People on social media are weighing in on the controversial decorations. Some say the lights are “tone deaf” and promote gun violence while others defend the lights as nothing more than ornaments.

Again, it’s ONE tweet by ONE person she is writing about.

The article concludes: Walmart has not yet addressed the sale of the shotgun shell-shaped holiday lights.

Why should they respond, it’s one person??? It’s actually two people, there was one negative response which the reporter had to look hard to find to support her article.

You must see some of these responses which are overwhelmingly in support of Walmart. Somehow the reporter missed them.

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