CBS’s Major Garrett Tries to Criminalize Sarah Sanders’ Pressers


CBS News’s Major Garrett bullied press secretary Sarah Sanders at the podium during Thursday’s press conference. He asked a question in reference to the $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels. It was a follow-up to a similar question asked by another of the White House correspondents.

Garrett asked: “Mrs. Sanders, have you been reluctant to weigh in on any of these subjects because you might be subject to prosecution for giving false statements? Are you under advice of counsel to not say much, to limit your own liability in –”

Garrett wants to know what she knew about the $130,000 payment to the porn star and when she knew it. The question was first asked by a female reporter and Garrett followed up on it.

He is painting her as a liar, much as so-called comic Michelle Wolf called her a liar, but he took it a step further. Garrett wants to know if she fears arrest or investigation because he thinks she perjured herself to the press corps.

This is nuts!

Garrett is trying to incriminate Sanders. He’s setting her up as a target. These insane people want to destroy anyone near the President and she is far too effective.

He and another reporter questioned her, hoping to trip her up. She’s too smart for that. They are trying to destroy her credibility and effectiveness.

Garrett was clearly bullying her. Sanders is one of the best press secretaries there is and the press corps would love to see her quit.

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