CBS’s Outrageous Cover Up on Behalf of Socialist Ocasio-Cortez


CBS News showed part of a cross examination by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on campaign finance laws. They cut off the rebuttal. The radical Socialist is trying to make her capitalist colleagues and all lobbyists into criminals with superficial questioning in her usual arrogant manner.

The news outlet cut off the ending of the testimony. The dishonesty would be unbelievable but this is the U.S media today.

With her usual childishly cutesy prattle, Cortez was attempting to show that campaign finance laws allow congresspeople to be pretty bad guys thanks to special interest dark money. As a result, she concludes that our capitalist system is broken.

This took place during a House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday.

After five minutes of her wiseguy scraping, the IFS Chairman Brad Smith took about a minute to level her and he barely put any effort into it.

To make matters worse, CBSN linked to an article promoting the absurd Green New Deal. The article portrayed her poorly written resolution as a reasonable outline for our future without fossil fuels or capitalism. The author of the piece dismissed the questions about paying for the absurd program with a quote from a leftist professor: “We’ll pay for it just as we pay for all else: Congress will authorize necessary spending, and Treasury will spend. This is how we do it — always has been, always will be.”

The piece is a disgrace, an apologetic for a silly monstrosity. The title of the article is, ironically, Green New Deal: Ocasio-Cortez says “green” policies can save economy.

The truncated tweet sent out by CBS was shared hundreds of thousands of times without the response by Brad Smith trashing her “sensational” diatribe.

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