CDC: 95% or More Cov Deaths Included Co-morbidities or Other Illnesses – Update


Update: Dr. Walensky took this back. She said her words on Good Morning America were edited because of limited air time. You can read about it here. She said it was one study, not all deaths, although promising.

The Brett Baier interview and the Good Morning America interviews with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was very revealing. It appears she is the appointed truth-teller after we were bombarded with mis- and disinformation for nearly two years.

He confronted her about people dying from or with COVID. It is common knowledge that people entering the hospital are subject to catching other deadly illnesses like MERS or Sepsis, pneumonia, and now, thanks to the CCP, we have COVID.

More than 836,000 Americans have died from or with COVID, but the government has yet to distinguish deaths from COVID and deaths with COVID.

That’s unacceptable.

The CDC now reveals that up to 75% — or perhaps even more — of all COVID deaths happened in Americans with co-morbidities or other conditions.

If you are heavy, have diabetes, are aged, you are the virus’s target, but maybe you weren’t in the hospital for COV but for your other illness. Dems insisted on paying hospitals a lot more money for Covid deaths and that was the wrong kind of incentive.

“There were co-morbidities or other conditions listed on the death certificate for as many as 95% of all COVID-19 deaths,” the CDC explains. “The other 5% of death certificates in which COVID-19 was the only condition listed was likely related to a lack of detail listed about other conditions present at the time of death.”


Over 75% had at least four co-morbidities.

Dr. Walensky said the job has been difficult when asked about the CDC’s credibility. [That’s why politicizing the agency is a bad idea.]

Basically, her answer was that they are working on it.

They don’t have data on Omicron yet.

Why is the CDC finally sharing some truthful information all of a sudden?



  1. All of the following used to get us laughed at and called conspiracy theorists, or worse we were accused of spreading DISINFORMATION !!!

    but all of the following has turned out to be true.

    — One day we would be forced to be vaccinated = now true ( well if you don t get vaccinated there are so many things you are not allowed to do and so many places you re not allowed to go, that it is the same as being forced )

    — One day we would have to carry a vaccine passeport = now true ( see previous comment )

    — Most deaths are not from covid but WITH covid = now the CDC admits that is true ( but to be fair that blonde lady who s name i can t remember, Birx?, that at first was always to the side of Fauci had admited to that in the first few months…they soon after stopped bringing her to press conferences, she was a bit too honest…)

    — Covid killed much less people than we were told by the main stream media = now obviously true since – as they just admited – most deaths are from people already very ill, very weak who would have died soon anyway from anything that most people can survive such as e coli or salmonella in food , the regular flu etc etc

    — Using all those lies for two years to manipulate public opinion has tremendously helped vaccine companies make insane amounts of money on unecessary vaccines = now obviously true for reasons above

    I could go on with other such things that were called conspiracy theories in 2020 and are now FACTS in 2022.

  2. The number is more like 97% or 98%, but the CDC is a bunch of inept Bureaucrats. The Federal Government is full of Inept Bureaucrats which is why the Bureaucracy should have ZERO mandate and rule making powers. The CDC still is not collecting information on Natural Immunity!

  3. oh and last but not least

    — Democrats would use covid fear and covid restrictions to control who can vote and how they can vote, which in turn would help them cheat and steal the election from the most popular Republican of the last 30 or 50 years who was 100% certain to win = now fully true as it is well documented that democrats changed rules in the last few months before the election, and said this was justified because of the covid situation…example ; drop boxes paid in great part by democrat mark zuckerberg were also supposedly because this would help people afraid of covid to go vote etc etc

    Almost everything that was called silly conspiracy theory and disinformation in 2020 has turned out to be true , the covid is a tool used in one of the biggest scam in human history.

  4. @ Canadian,

    Spoiler Alerts! Those who still believe that any institution or apparatchik have their best interests in mind is a write off or walking zombie.
    Some really do think that the Satan’s Playground known as earth is some hunky dory happy playground full of rainbows and unicorns.
    Trust nothing and no one. Freedom is a state of mind that took decades and a stint on God’s Conveyor Belt (stroke & coma) [h/t LV] to get right in the head and I wouldn’t trade it for anything world or worldling related.
    It won’t be easy and no one said that it would be but it is worth fighting because truth, love and freedom are the only worthwhile things in this world.

  5. Too bad you couldn’t get the link to the full segment. I’m no fan of Bret Baier, but when I saw he had the CDC director on, I had to watch it. She admitted that the vaccinated are spreading covid to the unvaccinated.

  6. Bret Baier also asked Rochelle, when will they recognize natural immunity. She danced around the question and didn’t answer it. So, I guess it’s never….

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