CDC Blows a Hole in a Major Cause of the Left



The CDC just blew a hole in the ecig totalitarians’ arguments against them. Their latest study shows that current cigarette smokers and former smokers who quit smoking within the past year were more likely to use e-cigarettes than former smokers who quit smoking more than 1 year ago and those who had never smoked. They are not attracting new addicts.

That blows a hole in the argument by the naysayers who insisted, without knowledge other than their own elitist meanderings, that ecigs would prove to be a gateway drug, the vapors would become an irresistible lure.

The control freaks, busybodys, Puritans, gawkers, and dour meddlers have been poised to tax ecigs out of existence. Ecigs or electronic delivery system (ENDS) are the cigarette substitutes that emit no harmful vapors and which present no known risk to health.

E-cigarettes have proven effective in helping smokers reduce their cigarette use or quit altogether. Several studies back this up and now the CDC studies do as well.  One such study from The American Association of Public Health Physicians has concluded e-cigarettes could “save the lives of 4 million of the 8 million current adult American smokers.”

Cigarettes have nicotine in them which has compelled legislators to declare the need to tax them immediately and disproportionately. Rhode Island wants an 80% tax and Washington State wants a 95% tax – a hearing will take place on that next week. LA wants to treat ecigs like tobacco.

Minnesota first taxed e-cigarettes in 2010 by changing state tax law to define tobacco products as any product derived from tobacco and intended for human use, which includes e-cigarettes. In 2013 the state increased the tax on e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products to 95 percent on the distributors.

They’re taxing something that could save millions of lives.

Ecigs are very popular, and in 2014, the business garnered $1.7 billion in business. The politicians are salivating over their new-found treasure chest of revenue. Almost every state is considering these taxes.

Without evidence to back up their claims, the opponents say that ruthless cigarette companies are taking advantage and using them to sell another form of their cigarettes without penalty.

The FDA tried to step in to regulate them in 2010 saying they were a “drug-delivery device” but it failed in court.

Drexel University’s Igor Burstyn concludes, “Current data does not indicate that exposures to vapors from contaminants in electronic cigarettes warrant a concern. There are no known toxicological synergies among compounds in the aerosol, and mixture of the contaminants does not pose a risk to health.”

Michael Siegel, who teaches at Boston University’s School of Public Health, wrote in the New York Times’ debate on e-cigarettes, that despite the fact that evidence shows e-cigarettes reduce overall harm from smoking, “many anti-smoking groups oppose these products because they are blinded by ideology: they find it difficult, if not impossible, to endorse a behavior that looks like smoking, even though it is literally saving people’s lives….What’s not to like?”

In 2013, then-Mayor Bloomberg moved to ban flavored ecigs with his usual Stasi-style approach to what we eat, drink and inhale.

Schools ban them, teens can’t use them in many states, and the Federal Aviation Administration has blocked their use on commercial flights.

All for no good reason and without any basis in fact.

The decrease in smokers from 40% to 20% since 1965 occurred not because of government bans or taxes. The decrease came because of informational campaigns and advertising which made people more aware. Just think, they didn’t need to be forced, they needed information.

The cigarette-Putins are even going so far as to insist old movies be scrubbed of scenes that include smoking. An upcoming movie about Edward R. Murrow, who was a fierce chain-smoker, will show scenes with cigarettes in an ashtray but not with him smoking. If one truly wants to depict the life of Edward R. Murrow, the man who was never seen without a cigarette, one needs to show him smoking.

The government, by regulating and taxing ecigs out of existence, is eliminating a product that could save 4 to 8 million smokers.

There is something you can do, even if you are not a smoker or an ecig user, you can contact your local representative and tell them not to tax this potentially life-saving device. Millions of smokers depend on them for their lives – literally.


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TacticalTrunk Monkey
TacticalTrunk Monkey
6 years ago

It won’t matter how much evidence you have, look at all the facts that state that “Gun ownership decreases violent crime”, yet they are still pushing to take them away…

I wish you the best of luck with this, despite the fact that I believe it makes you look like you are giving a robot a blowjob…