Céline Dion Has a Gender-Free & Devilish Clothing Line for Children


Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier, the hand wringing left is stressing over gendering Happy Meals at McDonald’s. There are boys and girls toys given out with Happy Meals and apparently that’s a problem. If it bothers them, all they have to do is order boys meals for the girls and visa versa, but instead they are making a cause célèbre out of it.

People must just sit around and look for things to be offended by. And others run with it like a religion. Take Céline Dion for instance.

Céline Dion says she hopes to “encourage a dialogue of equality and possibility” by launching a gender-neutral children’s clothing line.

The five-time Grammy winner unveiled the CELINUNUNU collection late Tuesday. It’s not only gender-neutral, it’s a little devilish, literally.

She says there is no way we can know what gender children will pick so we can’t decide for them. Ms. Dion didn’t stop there. She decided to add skulls and other gruesome things to the clothes.



    • ^^^^^^^This!

      Look at it this way: She married her pedophile rapist although his wealth had a lot to do with it.

      Her act in LV ended and was not renewed so now she devotes her attention to the Occult inspired satanic clothing for children which is actually not her clothing line but rather working together with the designers in Israel who own this brand.
      When you scour the Instagram page of that company you see nothing but satanic inspired trash rather than clothing sexualizing small children.

      Two examples: One little girl wears a short with the word “ho” in the front while a baby is shown wearing a black onsie inscribed with ‘new order’. The ‘eye’ is front and center whether they put an eye over the head of a child or they just remove the head replacing with a mirror.

      The designer company itself oozes as Satanists in all their clothing design seeking out children.

      The video of Celine where she sneaks into a maternity ward during the night itself is evil as these baby girls and baby boys gradually are turned into little satans themselves as the video progresses. Her advertisement of gender neutrality is nothing more than a devious act within itself. At the end of the video all you see the their satanic symbols in that ward with black crosses, black satanic stuffed children toys are resembling occult symbols throughout.

      It is my guess that she is over now – nobody wants to see such an in your face attempt to use babies and children for their satanic devotion while using gender neutrality as the selling pitch.

      Gender neutrality is a direct affront to God’s natural law as well as their attempt to make satan into their god. It’s actuality beyond evil!

  1. I cannot possibly get inside the heads of these people and understand what exactly they are trying to accomplish other than to destroy anything that is innocent and wholesome and replace it with perversion and twisted mentality all in the name of diversity?

  2. Kids don’t NEED to decide if they are boys or girls…its done FOR them naturally! Idiot Leftists.

    I need new tires for my truck. I’m waiting to make sure it doesn’t identify as a helicopter…

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