CEO Scott Jordan Calls Fox News Customers “F***ing Idiots While Getting Rich Off Them”


LibNazi and CEO of SCOTTeVEST, Scott Jordan posted a nasty, insulting Facebook post about his customers who watch Fox News. On his page, he describes himself as the CEO of SCOTTeVEST, husband, father to 4 standard poodles, Trump hater and over sharer.

We can definitely all agree he’s an over sharer on Facebook.

Jordan’s company makes clothing designed to hold electronic devices such as phones and other items, with “tons of hidden pockets and unique features.”

The CEO apparently likes to mock his customers on ski lifts and then Facebook about it. He said he prefers advertising on Fox because the viewers are “extremely gullible”, in other words stupid.

He wrote that he likes to let the Fox News viewers know they are “f***ing idiots while getting rich off them”.


The backlash was strong and swift, so much so, that he tried to apologize although he might find his customers aren’t as stupid as he thought.

Socialist Jordan forgot Fox viewers are capitalists and that’s why he’s getting rich.

If you buy his clothes, you’re a “f***ing idiot”, he said so himself. Thanks for the heads up Scottie.

Lots of luck with the apology Scottie old boy.

He must have seen his life rush past his eyes because his own company just announced he is no longer associated with it but his photo with his four dogs is still the first thing you see on his website. Sorry Scott, we’re not falling for it!

Check out several of the responses.


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