CEO Zuckerberg Explains How He Will Shut Down Alternative Media


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress about Facebook’s data collection and security issues. This is after a conservative outfit was caught legally using Facebook to mine data. What people won’t care about is Zuckerberg’s recent interview with far-left VOX during which he explained he will kill off alternative media and promote outlets few trust like CNN, the New York Times, and NBC.

He wants to provide readers with a “meaningful” experience and will assume the role of publisher to put out only “quality news”. Zuckerberg, whose fact checkers are funded in part by George Soros, will decide what we will read based on his idea of accuracy and reliability.

The algorithm he tried out in January and now uses permanently, in addition to his far-left fact checkers, promotes fake news media like CNN and buries all conservative outlets.

Zuckerberg and his leftist elite friends will determine what is a trusted news source through censorship.

“This year, we’ve rolled out a number of changes to News Feed that try to boost in the ranking broadly trusted news sources,” said Zuckerberg. “We’ve surveyed people across the whole community and asked them whether they trust different news sources.”

“Take the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. Even if not everyone reads them, the people who don’t read them typically still think they’re good, trustworthy journalism. Whereas if you get down to blogs that may be on more of the fringe, they’ll have their strong supporters, but people who don’t necessarily read them often don’t trust them as much.”

In other words, he will kill blogs. He is even going to help the lying MSM find paying subscribers. This is how the MSM thinks they will regain trust — destroying all the watchdogs.

Trump will meet with Peter Thiel

There might be help on the horizon.

The Daily Mail reports that President Trump will dine with Silicon Valley supporter Peter Thiel on Tuesday. The outlet says it will be a strategy session on how to regulate Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google. It will also cover government IT security.

Hopefully, they will discuss how to stop them from shutting down Conservatives and Libertarians.

Facebook has to deal with letting Cambridge Analytica use their data. Oddly, no one cares that liberal firms, including Obama’s Organizing for America, did the exact same thing.

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