Chaffetz Calls for GOP to Target Adam Schiff’s Security Clearance


Jason Chaffetz file photo

Former GOP Utah Representative and current Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz said Republicans should target Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff’s security clearance, following the release of the Mueller report.

“I think the one that has been the most discredited through this entire process is Adam Schiff,” Chaffetz said Thursday on “Varney & Company.”

Chaffetz would like to see Republicans unite and demand that change. Most believe Republicans don’t have the heart for battle.

“I think he should lose his security clearance and I don’t think he should be on the House intelligence committee,” Chaffetz continued. “I wish the Republicans would gather in force and demand that change. Nancy Pelosi knows better. It is a privilege to sit on this committee, but he’s used the guise of ‘hey, I see classified information and nobody else does, and I’m telling you I’ve seen it first-hand.’ He’s the only person on the planet because he’s making it up and he shouldn’t have a security clearance if you’re going to act like that.”


Chaffetz wants the origins of the fake Russia-Trump conspiracy investigated.

We must investigate, or it will happen again. Republican opponents will do and say anything. Right now, we don’t know how conspiratorial the plot was, or how much planning went into it. And we don’t know all the people behind it. There is plenty of evidence that it was indeed a well-planned conspiracy that reached the top-level intelligence officials. We need to know the origins of it.

“[Trump’s] had to sit back for the last two years, and think about it. All the Democrats tried to do is say ‘oh, he was going to take out Mueller. He was going to do this; he was going to do that.’ He didn’t do anything. He waived privilege; he gave them tons of documents, access to all the emails,” Chaffetz said earlier in the interview.

Despite what the left is saying, there was full transparency.

“Donald Trump Jr. was in there for hours and hours testifying. I don’t know that the president could have done any more for openness and transparency through this investigation. And it turned out exactly the way he said. He’s in the clear. But now there has to be a review of how this whole fiasco started.”


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4 years ago

I’d be shocked to see real tough action of any type implemented by the RINO leaders or even Trump. Trump has backed down so many times that congress does not take him seriously.

4 years ago

That’s a good idea. Just because you’re elected to Congress does not give you a right to a security clearance. Look how many members have abused it. Leaky Patrick Leahy comes to mind and it is very troubling for Omar and Thaib to have them and also for the mindless Nancy Pelosi. Of course Diane Feinstein having one is also a problem given her history of a Chinese spy working for her and this last one where one of her ex-aides was using information available to her to doxx Republicans. So just like the John Brennen who voted for the communist in 1976, take their clearances away and don’t stop with them, there are others on both sides.

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
4 years ago

Adam Schiff needs to be arrested NOW