Challenge to California’s Gun Bans – The Ones That Don’t Apply to Politicians


California is radical when it comes to individual gun rights and the politicians see no need for second amendment rights. They hope to redefine the second amendment with their constant flow of laws intruding on Californians rights.

However, the politicians – the elite – in California, who have voted away the rights of the people in the state, exempted themselves and continue to exempt themselves from the gun laws they impose.

In 2011, they voted 28-8 to exempt themselves in a brazen show of elitism and corruption because they see only themselves as worthy and responsible enough to own a gun.

The California Rifle and Pistol Association has filed a lawsuit – FINALLY – aimed at overturning a broad set of bills signed into law last year by Moonbeam, Governor Brown.

Many of the laws were passed as an excuse to fight terrorists like the San Bernardino killers or the terrorist in Orlando who killed 49 in the Pulse nightclub.

This lawsuit deals with the state’s ban on almost every style of the so-called assault rifle, including the nation’s most popular: The AR-15. In January, any so-called “assault-style weapon” with an easily detachable magazine became illegal.


The California politicians believe it is their right to pack heat and use guns for self-defense but you can just call 9-1-1.

How did Americans let this happen?

In any case, the timing is right. We now have a Supreme Court that leans towards the Constitution.

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