Challenging a Phoenix Law That Threatens Heavy Jail Time over Gay Marriage Invitations


A pair of Christians are part of a group contesting a Phoenix law which they say violates their First Amendment rights. It requires artists to create wedding invitations for gay marriages. Phoenix officials say the law is an important economic tool to keep businesses in the community because they do not discriminate.

Can they government force artists to create art in violation of their beliefs? Do we give up certain constitutional rights as a price of doing business? If the government can force people to do this, what can’t they force people to do?

Two artists who won’t create wedding invitations for gay marriage in Phoenix face fines and jail time. They will also face jail time for exercising their rights to free speech. They will serve six months for every day they refuse to create the art or talk about their beliefs concerning gay marriage. On the other hand, illegal aliens in Phoenix serve no time in prison, even if they are caught with counterfeit or stolen IDs.

This is a law some might call fascist. While some define this as preventing discrimination, the penalty is extremely harsh and not everyone defines sexual orientation as a matter of discrimination. What do you think?


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