Changing Electoral Map for 2020 Has a Lot More Blue


There is no secret that Democrats want the United States to be governed by one party and there is no secret that the radical Progressives want to unseat so-called ‘moderate’ Democrats. Envision the far-left United States. It will a dark place without the freedoms we have now.

Changing demographics and redistricting will help Democrats in 2020.

NBC News points to the changes in Colorado and Ohio, claiming they are no longer swing states but solidly blue. That’s not at all clear although NBC and the often-wrong Cook Political Report think otherwise.

Democrats won at least 35 House seats in the mid-terms. While Republicans won white voters by 10 percentage points, they lost college-educated and Hispanic by ever-widening margins, particularly in Ohio and Colorado.

Democrats won college-educated voters by a very large 20 points (continuing a trend that’s been underway for some years). The colleges are largely bastions of leftism which is affecting these changes. Hispanic/Latino voters went to Democrats by a massive 40 points.

Also concerning is the unstoppable trend in California, dramatically changed by the massive influx of Hispanics who are voting for Democrats — Progressive Democrats. Republicans are becoming extinct.

Orange County, a solid red county in California, has turned solid blue with this election. Unfortunately, once the leftists get into office, there is almost no getting them out.

What makes this county of concern is the miraculous discovery of votes after Election Day. That happened in Florida and one might wonder if there were shenanigans in California as in Florida.

In Florida, 80,000 votes showed up mostly favoring Democrat Bill Nelson after the election. Some of them were late votes with altered dates. That was clearly illegal.

In the 39th district, Democrat, Gil Cisneros won over Republican Young Kim who was up by 3 points on election night. Democrats won with late votes eleven days after the election.

Republican Congresswoman Mimi Walters in the 45th district was ahead election night. Thousands of votes appeared favoring Democrat Katie Porter several days after the election.


  1. Face it folks…they did not call her “crooked” Hillary for nothing. The entire D.N,C, is so crooked that they could NOT walk a straight line to pass a sobriety test. Add to that the fact that at least the last four/five administrations followed almost the exact same agendas should have alerted thinking people that something was “rotten in the state of Denmark”. All the departments were subverted and conservatives became an endangered species therein. Illegal became legal as the progressive, liberal, hard left Democrats with the R.H.I.N.O’s in tow set out to destroy the Constitutional Republic.The bringing in of sharia adherents and allowing the criminal cartels to spread North with impunity was NO accident…it was by design, just as Europe was inundated with “bogus” refugees created by their “disruptions” in the Middle East/North Africa. To add to our woes the entire mainstream media was corrupted…and recently social media was also enveloped…thus most ‘ordinary’ people know ONLY what they are ‘told’…the indoctrinated are too stupid to know any better and the rest of us look on in awe…then along came BREXIT and Trump…more became aware but at the same time “they” doubled down and the bought out media and politicians are working overtime to repair the breaches in the Big Lie…by lying through their teeth…non stop.

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