Chants Break Out When President Trump Crashes a Wedding


President Trump crashed a wedding at his golf resort and he picked the right wedding. It was a Trump-themed wedding. He happened to be there golfing and surprised the very happy bride and groom.

Chants of “USA, USA, USA,” broke out.

PJ Mongelli and Nicole Perosi said “I do” at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster on Saturday, and got the surprise of their life when the President ran up.

The bride ran up and hugged the President and the groom ran up and joined them.

“I’m the father, I’m the father! Thank you so much!” a man could be heard telling the president as he approached him.

“Great job. You did a good job,” Trump said.

“Where’s the groom? Handsome — look at his shoulders,” he added. “Nobody’s gonna mess with him.”

“No one is gonna mess with you either,” the bride said. “We love you so much.”

The wedding guests were thrilled too!

They had invited the President but never expected him to show up.

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