Charges Against Stormy Daniels Have Been Dropped And She’s on the Loose Again


Charges have been dropped against Stormy Daniels and she has been released from prison, free to continue her campaign against President Trump. The arrest was just a case of a woman of ill repute — Stormy — hanging with other women of ill repute in a strip joint and getting caught up in a human trafficking sting.


Stormy Daniels was arrested last night as she was stripping in a club in Columbus, Ohio. Early reports said it was over a man or men [who turned out to be police officers] touching her which is against the law in Ohio. Her attorney, Michael Avenatti called it “an absurd use of law enforcement.”

He wasted no time tweeting about it.

Avenatti told MSNBC she was touched in a non-sexual manner by undercover police officers and planned to plead not guilty.

The police press release noted that her arrest was part of a larger human trafficking investigation.

The charges against her have since been dropped but they were not yet dropped against the two women arrested with her.

Sleazy people and a sleazy little arrest.

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