Charges Dismissed Against Three Maoist Vandals Who Destroyed Confederate Statue


A total of 13 people were charged in the tearing down of a confederate monument on public property in Durham, North Carolina last August, 12 with pulling down the statue and one charged for wearing a mask.

But despite the obvious crimes and the fact that much of it was captured in pictures and on video, it was just announced that three of the people charged would have their charges dismissed.

Zan Caldwell, Taylor Cook, and Myles Spignor had been charged with two felonies and three misdemeanor charges each.

ABC11 thinks it’s great:

“While this is a small step forward in this particular iteration of the fight against white supremacy, we must remember that we cannot trust the system to change that which it upholds,” supporters said in a news release. “This was merely representative of a lack of evidence, not an acquiescence of power and certainly not an admission of guilt. We must continue to fight until the remaining 12 walk free until no Confederate statues remain until all institutions of white supremacy have been abolished. We say ‘Topple Racism – from Durham to the White House!’”

A trial for several other protestors is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14. The judge has already suggested there is no crime here.

The vandals are Maoists. The NY Times happened to mention the Workers’ Party helped plan it with Antifa, which is also communist. Also, two of the perpetrators identify themselves as being part of the Durham branch of World Workers Party, a group that identifies itself as a group of revolutionary socialists aka communists.

One of the perpetrators is pro-North Korea and it doesn’t get much crazier than that. Takiyah Thompson was also to be awarded a college scholarship for the vandalism.

Statues are coming down all throughout the south, the nation and in our nation’s Capitol. Some in D.C. want George Washington’s statue torn down.

In D.C., they plan to put up a statue honoring race-baiting Marion Barry. The former mayor Barry left D.C. in shambles and was engulfed in scandal as well as battered by reports of utter incompetence. Barry smoked crack on camera, was arrested twice, attacked Asians and went to jail for having sex with a woman in the waiting room. How could a hero like George Washington compete with a guy like that?


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6 years ago

If government continues to fail this country and the people I’ll join you. Maybe if those with good sense would start speaking up it would make some difference with these fools who seem to see “white supremacy” as a pervasive evil. They’re all such losers in life that they absolutely must make up some other villain to explain their failure as human beings.

Big Dog
Big Dog
6 years ago

Who wants to go with me to Washington DC so we can destroy the ugly statue of the Communist Martin Luther King?

On the way we will spray paint every MLK street sign we see.

Somebody find the idiots that dismissed these charges and teach them a few lessons about “tolerance”