Charles Krauthammer Responds to Administration’s Fantasy War


Obama unicorn

We can’t win a war with radical Islam with leaders who don’t understand the problem and a president who thinks arming moderate rebels is a “fantasy” while refusing to call the enemy by name. Charles Krauthammer addressed it succinctly last night on Special Report.

John Kerry thinks radical Islamists are merely criminal anarchists.

He is also under the misguided impression that everyone thinks all Muslims are radicals or he pretends he thinks that.

“Obviously,” he stated recently, “the biggest error we could make is to blame Muslims collectively”…”for crimes the overwhelming majority of Muslims reject.”


Charles Krauthammer corrected him: “..The biggest error we could make is to lose the damn war because we refuse to recognize who the enemy is and what it requires. That would be a larger error because it would consign people to, for example, the hell that is Syria today approaching now a quarter of a million dead.”

He said” the comedy of errors in supposedly equipping, arming and training the moderate rebels – we’ve gotten nowhere. There’s no impetus, no urgency, no logic behind what the president was doing. He himself said it’s a fantasy then he says he’s going to arm them. This is a president who believes in withdrawal.These are the fruits of withdrawal.



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