Check Out How McDonald’s Is Dealing with $15 an Hour Wages for Menial Jobs



Barack Obama’s economy has resulted in pitiful job growth over the last seven years with most of them coming in as low-wage jobs. To compensate for the loss of wages, Obama is pushing to provide living wages for low-level jobs requiring unskilled labor. He started with government jobs and let his thugs know he wanted them to make it happen in the private sector.

His army of unionized thugs are out demanding higher wages but, instead, they will find themselves unemployed. Cowardly, pandering politicians are issuing fiats demanding private companies pay these salaries most can’t even afford or simply don’t want to pay.

The self-serve coffee machine below, which features a touch-screen ordering system, includes “lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos that are customizable with various flavoring, types of milk, and amount of espresso,” according to Eater.

Workers are worried it’s a plan to reduce the workforce and well they should be. What did they think would happen?

Unions have held discussions with fast food entities trying to get them to agree to hire a certain number of employees for every machine.

Meet the new McDonald’s employees. They don’t gripe and they don’t join unions.

Here are other fast food employees.