Check Out Weapons Seized in London Since Guns Are Banned


Earlier this month, the Metropolitan Police seized more than 300 deadly weapons and made nearly 300 arrests in just over a week during the latest phase of its ongoing operation against guns and knives, code-named Sceptre. The seizures continue and what they are confiscating is interesting, to say the least

The seizures of knives or anything resembling one began after two teenagers were stabbed to death in north London less than a mile apart and within the space of an hour – the fifth and sixth teens to lose their lives to knives by early April. Others have been stabbed as well.

A number of people have had acid thrown on them. Acid will have to be banned and seized also. Others have been run over — something has to be done about vehicles.

Sceptre has led the Met police to confiscate all manner of knives, gardening shears, scissors, can openers, a smoke grenade, a crossbow, a whip, and some guns. Mostly they seized knives — 265 of them this month so far. Knives mostly comprise the seizures — even ordinary kitchen knives.

What the police won’t say is that the teen gangs are immigrants or from immigrant families from you-know-where — lawless Third World nations where the people hate the Western values.

MET police photo includes can openers, kitchen knives and scizzors.
The diligent London police are also taking pliers and screwdrivers off the streets:

Surrender Your Knife

When you take away guns, you get knifed and then they get taken away. Kitchen knives, garden shears, can openers are all up for grabs. There is a group backing this effort up. It’s called, “Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife”, perpetuating the myth that collecting anything and everything will stop crime and murders.

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