Cheers for Stacey Abrams as she says Russians are poised to take over


A potential presidential candidate in 2020 and “rising star” of the Democratic Party is not running on all cylinders. Stacey Abrams wrote a manifesto of sorts in February calling for war against whites, and she thinks she is governor of Georgia. She won’t concede. It’s the latest thing by Dems — they don’t accept election results and damage confidence in the system. She is taking the lunacy a few steps further this week, claiming there will be a Russian takeover by 2030 if voter suppression isn’t addressed.

Democrats interfered in the election more than the Russian trolls ever could.

First of all, there is no Russian collusion and secondly, she calls presenting photo ID ‘voter suppression.’ Third, proportionately, more minorities voted than whites.

She continually blames Republicans for her loss to Brian Kemp who won with over 55,000 votes. She lost so it must be voter suppression, yet she was the one who suggested illegal aliens should vote as millions pour in illegally.

She lost because she’s a radical who is also delinquent in her taxes.

“There’s no more fundamental and national security crisis than the theft of our elections, not simply through Russian hacking, which is incredibly important and we have to pay attention to it, but by the suppression of the very voters whose voices could change the direction of our country,” Abrams said speaking at a national security forum on Friday.

“If we do not secure our democracy and ensure that every vote counts in 2020, we will be having a very different conversation, possibly in Russian, in 2030,” Abrams said to cheers.

She wants illegals to vote and she wants to get rid of the Electoral College. That would leave a few populous leftist/liberal states deciding the presidency in perpetuity.

These far-left Democrats can say any crazy thing and be cheered for it. They are never called out by the media who are too stupid or ideological to do so.

The only things Stacey has going for her is she is black, a woman, and she’s communistic. Almost everything out of her mouth is a lie.

The Russians are coming! But we’re ready for them!

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4 years ago

“A potential presidential candidate …”

But, but … is she willing to give up being governor of GA?

Maybe she should just purchase running shoes & ‘run’ … preferably on the island of Guam (careful, it might tip over and capsize”).