Chelsea Clinton Spreads Fake News on Twitter


Chelsea Clinton has been unabashedly spreading fake news on Twitter. Free Beacon called her out on two obvious lies this week alone but there are others.

On Wednesday she tweeted an article that falsely described how climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is “disappearing” from its website, in an apparent swipe at President Donald Trump.

However, it’s all still there. Leftists have been fearful it would be erased without any basis.

This is what Chelsea retweeted.

However, all you have to do is click on the word “extremes” and all the data comes up. Neither Ms. Garrett or Chelsea bothered to check. They just tweet whatever.

Chelsea admitted she was wrong but insisted the second tweet is correct.

The second tweet asserted that an Arkansas law would allow rapists to sue victims who get an abortion.

Even the hard-left Snopes wrote that it is untrue.

Then, Friday, she tweeted out the following nonsensical gibberish. She thinks a 7-year old wrote this or she’s a liar.

She is also out tweeting from George Soros’s Mother Jones’ online rag. No surprises there. If her mother won the election, Soros and Podesta would be tuning the country.


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