Chelsea Shows Once Again That She Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About


Chelsea Clinton retweeted a distorted story about comments made by Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama. The Representative responded, saying, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and would be better off staying in the private sector if she continues like this. Maybe she wants to run for office to “do better than her Mommy did”, he said.

Doesn’t he know she’s the winner of the Lifetime Impact award and that she once packed crates of fruit for the poor one day?

The issue that Mo Brooks responded to was her retweet of a fallacious statement about his stance on healthcare, which Jimmy Kimmel then joked about.

The comics are all left-wing and their only job is to rip apart Republicans and distort their positions. Democrats then take their jokes as factual news, at least Chelsea does.

Clinton tweeted the link to a New York Magazine story by Jonathan Chait, in which the leftist writer lambasts Brooks for allegedly tying poor health to moral deficiency.

The congressman was talking about heavy smokers and others who knowingly harm their health and wants a discussion on whether they should pay more for their healthcare or whether all Americans should have to pay for their added care.

CNN’s Jake Tapper also deceitfully promoted the BS on his mostly unwatchable show.

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