Chelsea Tells Little Kids of the “Horrors” of the Trump Administration


Last week, when she launched her new children’s brainwashing book, she indoctrinated the little children present with her views, presenting them as if they were facts.

She told a little boy that the “horrors” of the Trump administration won’t hurt her because she’s “privileged” as a white person and she’s not an immigrant [she’s referring to illegal aliens].

“And yet I know it’s not really a rough spot for me because most of the horrors of this administration won’t change my life,” added Clinton, speaking at her alma mater, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, at a Monday night signing event. It was hosted by Politics and Prose bookstore — talking about ‘nakedly partisan’. They’re brainwashing kids and it’s not looking good for conservatives in the future.

Chelsea fully buys into the bigoted anti-white mantra of ‘white privilege’.

“I’m protected by the color of my skin, I’m protected by my privilege, I’m protected by the fact that I live in New York City, I’m protected by my immigration status,” she told the child-filled crowd this week.

“So while I find this incredibly rough, in your words,” Clinton told the boy, “it’s not rough for me in a real sense, everyday.”

Hillary Clinton is a Marxist Alinskyite. She raised her daughter in the same vein and they are preparing her to one day be president. The Clintons have corrupted the Democrat Party, moving it very far left. Their kind are now brainwashing children with books and the books are published widely.


  1. Just wondering how many kids books you can sell from a prison cell. Hopefully that’s where the Clinton crime family will end up. Who knows, maybe they’ll have their block to call home.

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