Chelsea WARNS America! Only Three Years Left to Save the World


Chelsea Clinton, or should we say climatologist Chelsea, claims the world has only three years to save itself from global warming.

Clinton who is notorious for saying the most damnable things on Twitter has outdone herself!

Clinton took to Twitter to share this dire warning about the alleged effects of “climate change”. We have to get right with the optimists who say we have three years to control the climate.

Does anyone see how idiotic this statement is?


  1. This is just so ridiculous! We were to be frozen in the 70’s, under water in the 80’s, fried by the sun already, and polar bears are should have become extinct, We did not freeze, we are not under water, my skin has not melted, and the Polar bears have made a comeback! Enough said!

    • This is not about Bush’s or other unqualified and corrupt people. Nor is it about a vote. This is about the lack of legitimate sources or data to justify the global warming claims. This is a globalist financial elitist scam. The dishonesty of the principles is in black & white in numerous exposed emails. They explicitly altered data. The Mann case going on in court now is collapsing because he refuses a court order to present his data.

  2. POTUS Trump does not agree with her. Bishop of Rome is more optimistic but agrees. we are in crisis. Unlike Catholic Governor Jeb Bush GOP FL I take Rome seriously. Three BUSH men in a row were a hird Burning Bush too far.

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