Chicago Will Be a Model for Illegal Alien Benefits After Amnesty EO


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Rep. Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois has been pushing President Obama to legalize more than 5 million illegals via executive order. He gives the impression that this upcoming executive order is imminent and comes directly from the White House though he has backed off on that slightly. He said on Neil Cavuto’s show yesterday that he hopes the legalization will happen before the election. He had been saying it would happen in the summer. Gutiérrez is ready in either case. He is planning ways to facilitate the doling out of benefits to illegals which will be paid for by taxpayers.

Bets should be placed on it happening immediately after the election.

The reports that Gutiérrez is working closely with Rahm Emanuel to make Chicago the model for giving welfare and other handouts to illegals.

Gutiérrez calls them benefits but it will actually be redistributive wealth from the productive to the illegals. He is also talking about work permits and driver’s licenses so they can get jobs.

Competition for jobs and more welfare payouts is not what Chicago needs.

According to a report by the Chicago-based Alternative Schools Network, Illinois was one of 10 states with the highest teen unemployment rate in 2012. And out of all Illinois teens, those in Chicago fared the worst with an employment rate of just 19 percent.

Across all geographic areas, black teens had the lowest employment rates compared to all other racial and ethnic groups, the report showed. In Illinois, only 16 out 100 black teens were employed in 2012, while just 11 out of 100 black teens in Chicago had jobs during that year.

Still, amnesty seems to be what Chicago wants.

“When an announcement comes, we will make sure Chicago is ready, that the community institutions in our neighborhoods are ready, and that we can efficiently inform our community about what is being announced and can help our neighbors sign up,” Gutierrez said in a statement after a community meeting Wednesday which was attended by Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel said, “We value the voices of these important leaders and we have a landmark opportunity to set an example and lead the nation on this issue,” Emanuel said in a statement.

“Chicago voices have been among the loudest calling for immigration reform,” he said, “and now that Republicans have blocked all legislative avenues, Chicago will be a leader when it comes to implementing administrative action.”

Chicago also leads the nation in murders, unemployed youth, and gang violence.



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