Chicago’s Strict Gun Laws Show Promise, Only 64 People Shot Over July 4th Weekend



Over the July 4th weekend in Chicago, 62 were shot and 10 were killed, including a 7-year-old boy shot in the chest during an attack aimed at his father. There were no White Supremacists, no Confederate flags, no rogue cops, but lots of burdensome and useless gun control laws in place.

How long before Rahm Emanuel tightens up on the gun laws even more? It’s not likely they will actually enforce the ones they have.

Last year, the Tribune reported that “some get a kick out of hearing the gun shots go off.”

This is an improvement over last year when, over an 84-hour period, 82 people were shot, 16 fatally. The Chicago Tribune mentioned that five of those shot during that period were wounded by police. Why weren’t the police hauled before the public like they are now? That seems to have cut down on arrests.

The shootings were across the South and West sides primarily. The befuddled police chief McCarthy said, “This has got to stop.” He could start by talking out about the actual problem which is not the choice of weapon.

Chi-town has the strictest gun laws and gun bans in the country and the highest crime rate, that is according to FBI statistics.

Chicago shootings were up 40% in the first quarter of 2015 with 18 more murders according to the CPD.

It won’t stop by blaming guns. This is gang violence and this is what is killing black youth.

Gangland’s culture of violence is still not being addressed as the Chicago leaders go chasing windmills.

How long before Rahm Emanuel and HuffPo demand stricter gun laws to deal with gangs who will keep their illegal guns?

Source: Chicago Tribune


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6 years ago

Yeah right what a crock of crap. Theyll stoop to any lies to push their gun bs

6 years ago

and the morons say more strict gun laws are the answer! i guess not understanding how a criminal ignores laws doesn’t matter to liberals!

Jefferey Burnside
Jefferey Burnside
6 years ago

Really only 64 people were shot lol the word only throws me off just a bit.

Rod Hinrichsen
Rod Hinrichsen
7 years ago

I wish that Obama and Sharpton had been home visiting…… Oh that’s right, they have “ARMED” guards to protect them, they would be safe not like the 10 that died because they didn’t have the guns to protect themselves.