Chicago’s Strict Gun Laws Show Promise, Only 67 Shot This Weekend



Photo of Chicago, city of gangsters

Chi-town has the strictest gun laws and gun bans in the country and the highest crime rate, that is according to FBI statistics. Imagine how many shootings there would be if they didn’t do such a great job banning guns.

Sixty-seven people – that’s SIX SEVEN – were shot in Chicago over the weekend, eight were shot at one event.

Gangland’s culture of violence is still not being addressed as the Chicago leaders go chasing windmills.

Huff Po has been carrying stories about how the gun laws are working and are ridiculed unfairly. Really Huff Po? They laud the fact that Rahm wants stricter fines for violating safe zones. Sure, that will work. Others call for stricter gun laws, of course.

I wonder if the shootings might be reduced if people could actually defend themselves? The police aren’t getting to the shooting scenes fast enough obviously.

Full story at Chicago Tribune