Chief Warren Sticks By Her ‘Fired Pregnant Teacher’ Story


Elizabeth Warren is sticking by her story that she was fired from a teaching job years ago because she was “visibly pregnant” with a papoose, even though she seemed to say something totally different in 2007. Also, there are records popping up indicating she resigned.

Speaking exclusively to CBS News, Warren doubled down on her claim. Warren says she was told the school was giving the job to someone else. “I think that’s being shown the door,” she reportedly told CBS.

Someone will locate the male principal who allegedly fired her and that should end this. It might end up smearing the poor principal.


In Carson City, Nevada last week, she told her audience that a male principal fired her because she was pregnant. Then someone dug up a 2007 video where she said something different.

In this clip, you can hear her tell the oft-repeated story that she was fired over the papoose. She told the Carson City crowd that she would have loved to teach the handicapped to this day. On the same clip, you can listen to her other version from 2007 where she admits she didn’t have certification and wanted to go back to graduate school.

In addition to the clip, minutes of the Board meeting show she was invited back to teach as a substitute for two days a week.


According to transcripts from local school board meetings, Warren was rehired in April of 1970. Then, the board reported it had “accepted with regret” her “resignation” the next summer.

Local newspaper reports from 1971 also present reasons for her leaving the school alternative to what she describes on the trail.  The Paterson News, a local paper, reported that summer that Warren was “leaving to raise a family.” The next month, a story about the school board hiring a replacement said Warren had “resigned for personal reasons,” even though the board had voted to “appoint” Warren to the same speech pathology job that April, according to an earlier report.

Two teachers who worked at the school for thirty years say they don’t remember anyone being fired for being pregnant but teachers were expected to leave when they started showing.

Her daughter was born on September 2, 1971, and Labor Day was September 6th. School probably started after that. She wouldn’t have missed much time from the job. It doesn’t seem likely that she couldn’t have returned if she wanted to return. A two-day a week speech position can start after September, and speech teachers are hard to come by.



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