Chief Warren’s Campaign Accused of Scamming Fellowship Applicants


Two people who joined Warren’s volunteer fellowship program said Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) campaign’s labor practices are “deceptive” and “exploitative,” according to a new report by the Daily Beast.

That’s socialism kids!

Two individuals who joined Warren’s volunteer fellowship program said they were encouraged to take unpaid positions over paid ones, were misled about their access to financial assistance, and were forced to sign “highly-restrictive nondisclosure agreements.”

One of the fellows described Warren’s operation as “a great scam.” What was sold to him and what actually was offered were two different things. They were taking advantage of the eager young people who applied.

Jonathan Nendze, a senior at Seton Hall U, said, “It was kind of a great scam of getting people to show up and work in the capacity of volunteer, but to function as a paid intern in the amount of work they’re doing.”

He drove five hours to New Hampshire to volunteer. They treated the terms “fellow/intern” as synonymous. One is paid and the other is not. An organizer told him he would get back to him over possible payment. He was getting more and more concerned as they left him hanging.

The fellows were promised housing, but, in the end, they said they would “do our best” to provide housing.

One fellow accepted a paid internship at a firm elsewhere when, six days out from his fellowship, he had not heard from staff about housing.

“Before you start a campaign you should have these basic processes done,” that fellow said. “To be treated the way I was is disheartening.”

Hello, this is socialism, expect this to occur nationwide if Democrats get back in control.

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