Chief Warren’s Lauded for Selling a Bold, New Idea — ‘Taxes, taxes, taxes’


A sickeningly fawning Businessweek article pumps up the credentials of Elizabeth Warren who they call an “evangelist for a Democratic revolution.” The title of the article, Elizabeth Warren Has a Radical Plan to Beat Trump at His Own Game, lauds her ‘new radical idea’ which is, get this, a wealth tax on the richest Americans.

It isn’t by any means the “bold, new idea” that they claim it is. It’s an old idea fancied by people like Fidel Castro and Vincent Maduro of Cuba and Venezuela respectively.

The wealth tax can’t possibly pay for the many goodies Warren plans to dish out, and, as in past attempts to steal from the rich, filters down to destroy the middle class in the form of fewer jobs, lower pay, and eventually, higher taxes.

The article claims Chief Warren “thought she needed an idea big enough for the moment. A few weeks later, she settled on one: an annual “wealth tax” of 2% on fortunes over $50 million, slightly higher on billionaires. Working with Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, the eminent University of California at Berkeley economists, [of course they are eminent] Warren’s staff calculated that her tax would hit the richest 75,000 people in the U.S. while raising $2.75 trillion in a 10-year period.”

The problem is her freebies will cost tens of trillions — that’s with 13 zeros.

“What I’ve seen in the last six weeks for Warren in terms of grassroots energy is like a rocket ship taking off,” says an independent digital strategist closely tracking the Democratic campaigns, Bloomberg reports. More than anyone else, Warren has set the terms of the race and forced other candidates to respond as a matter of strategic necessity. As the first primary debates in Miami showed, Democrats’ plans for a post-Trump future are far more sweeping than just about anybody expected them to be even a few months ago. Kamala Harris, a supposed moderate, has endorsed “Medicare for All,” and even Biden was compelled to produce a far more robust health-care plan than the one he helped pass as Obama’s vice president.

The truth is that none of these candidates are moderate and few Democrats could fit that definition.


An article in American Thinker by Carol Greenwald asks, Do you understand Democrats will destroy America. She says, “The policies that the Democrats are advocating will destroy the American economy, not just the stock market, but the whole US economy.”

The Democrats think 2200 rich people will pay for tens of trillions of freebies. They want to make everything a right.

She writes:

The Green New Deal, renewed regulations, Medicare for All, free college,  as well as the 70-90% tax rates proposed by Democrats, will tank the stock market and US economic growth, leading to higher unemployment and reduced wage gains. All these programs require higher taxes and not just the soak the rich fantasy of the 70-90% rates. Most of the Democratic candidates have pledged to roll back the 2017 Republican tax cuts that fueled the renewal of economic growth in the US.

Open borders will flood the US with poverty stricken immigrants and their competition for jobs will depress wages. The social welfare needs of the immigrants will skyrocket government expenditures. So while taxes receipts are falling due to slower economic growth rates, expenditures will be rising, leading to increased government debt and consequently higher interest rates. If the Federal Reserve tries to keep interest rates low to prevent a deepening recession, then the increase in the money supply and the expanding deficit will eventually destroy the value of the dollar.

As Milton Friedman said, you can’t have open borders and a massive welfare state. As she writes, virtually all the Democrat candidates advocate for open borders, free health benefits, free college, and more. It’s an open invitation for the world to come. There are 750 million Latin Americans living below the poverty line and free healthcare alone makes the trip worthwhile.

At this point, they’re even coming from Africa, the Congo.

We can’t afford it. It will destroy us. Yet, the media and the news outlets are all for it.

Getting back to the fake Indian and the Businessweek article, the claim is Warren is putting forth the one idea that will mitigate wealth inequality, “Taxes, taxes, taxes. All the rest is bullsh*t,” says a young dutch historian, Rutger Bregman.

The idea of stealing via taxes has been tried over and over. All it does is make everyone poor except for a small rich elite who call the shots.

She is selling hardcore socialism and there is nothing new about it. Socialism, which is what Chief Warren and the other candidates are selling, will destroy us.


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