Children Told ‘Abortion Is Part of God’s Plan,’ Babies Are ‘Sea Cucumbers’


A pro-abortion feminist, who makes a career out of brainwashing young kids and telling them abortion is a good thing, made a video discussing it with children. She has an organization – Shout Your Abortion – and books, one with the same title.

When asked if the kids knew what an abortion is, one replied, “You basically get rid of the baby.”

During the sicko discussion, another teen said abortion is okay depending on the circumstances. The abortion babe didn’t want to hear that and did her best to talk him out of it.


She told him, “I feel like if I am forced to create life, I have lost the right to my own life,” she says. “I should be the one to decide if my body creates a life. Even if you give a kid up for adoption, you still like have a kid out there somewhere.”

He agreed, but not wholeheartedly.

She’s like a serpent, poisoning young minds. No one forced her to create life. She did it to herself.

“Abortion is so taboo for some kids, and I don’t know why,” said another young person.

One girl told the feminist witch that an unborn “fetus” is “not really a human being yet.” to which she agreed enthusiastically.

The unborn baby is like a ‘sea cucumber’!

“I kind of like to compare it to a sea cucumber. It’s not thinking; it’s just living. It’s like, your arm is not capable of complex thought. Neither is a baby inside your womb,” says one boy.

If complex thought is the guide, that will take in a lot of people who have been born, including abortion babe.

Abortion is part of God’s plan.

Abortion is “all part of God’s plan,” says the woman who was very pleased about her abortion. She didn’t want a baby, and she didn’t want to go for adoption and have a child of hers out there. Killing it is so much better.

“I believe, like, that life begins when a person has a baby,” abortion babe — Ms. Bonow — tells the children. “Clearly, like, some people believe that life begins at conception.”

The children think abortion isn’t murder. The abortion babe said pro-life people are not pro-life, they are anti-pro-choice.

Abortion babe said it’s her body and no “old, white dudes in the government” are going to tell her what she can do with her body.

The kids picked up on her recklessness for which she had excuses. No biggie, kill the baby.

The woman had the word ‘abortion’ tattooed inside her lip.

Some people have abortions out of necessity, but she’s doing it because she has no regard for life. At the same time, she denies biology. Life begins at conception. Hasn’t she ever seen a sonogram? They aren’t sea cucumbers.

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