Chilling Journal of Dayton Killer Who Wrote of Drugs, Murder, Satan


“Their screams music, their pain my pleasure.” the Dayton shooter wrote in his journal, fantasizing about massacres and “hunting” for humans. He craved marijuana and speed, did Meth allegedly daily, played violent video games, and called himself a sociopath. He hailed Lucifer.

The chilling journal was demented with Satanic drawings. He said he wanted to hunt someone from the University of Dayton.

The journal pages are available at The Daily Mail

Betts called himself “evil incarnate.”

“I am the servant of the serpent evil incarnate, flesh consumer, light destroyer, fueled by hate, rage my strength, distrust my shield,” he wrote.

Betts adds in snippets, “Anti-social personality disorder. Don’t listen to romantic advice, sociopath. Seek and destroy. Still haven’t eaten enough so…very ADHD, paranoid, schizophrenic.”

With odd drawings and ramblings, Betts ranted about drugs, violence and women —  “b****es” — and even about being dissatisfied by his own appearance, according to the Daily Mail.

There were drawings of skeletons, the Grim Reaper, a pentagram with “hail Satan.”

“I am Azrael and this is my human Connor,” one entry reads. “This human body has so many stupid limits lol. Why? Makes me look less than ‘average.’”

Friends gave the pages to the Mail.

A former friend Ian Himes said Betts was “very consistent with the methamphetamine,” and was “pretty much smoking it every day when we were hanging out.”

One story about Betts talks about him choking his sister’s middle school friend and he only stopped when his mother pleaded with him to stop.

He socialized with his sister and his friend an hour before he killed her and critically wounded him.

“Ultimately Connor slipped through the cracks,” Himes told the Mail. “Maybe the notebooks hinted at what he was about to do, but you just cannot anticipate a person doing this.”

“Whatever was inside him, he just finally let it take hold of him,” he said. “He lost the struggle with himself.”

He was very disturbed and his alternate world was dark and hellish.


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