Chilling! Potential spying on investigative reporter’s communications


Fox News contributor John Solomon told Sean Hannity that some of his communications with Ukraine and those of other reporters have been inappropriately monitored by the government. It’s early in the process of finding out what took place, but if it is the case, it’s “chilling.”

Solomon told Sean on ‘Hannity’ last night, “…10 days ago, I received multiple contacts suggesting there may have been inappropriate monitoring of my communications. It is not yet clear what that consisted of, whether it was just monitoring my social media, using government resources.”

“People raise the possibility that they were privacy act violations. But to date, my lawyers were not able to get a full accounting of what happened.”

Solomon was given this information by intelligence officials. “It’s early. We should get to the bottom of it. But as a journalist, you should fear the possibility that my communications in Ukraine might’ve been monitored.”

“It’s not the first time I’ve been to this rodeo,” Solomon added.” In 2002 and 2003, the FBI inappropriately intercepted his mail and kept it without a warrant. Government agencies have intruded on his First Amendment in the past but it’s important to wait for the facts to come out.

He added, “If it did happen, it’s deeply troubling to me, it’s deeply troubling to all Americans. I think we need to unveil more. Secretary of State Pompeo should tell us what happened.”

Rep. Devin Nunes was on ‘Hannity’ just before Mr. Solomon and urged caution as they first investigate what is going on.

This reminds us of the spying of Sharyl Attkisson when she was a CBS News investigative reporter. She continues to fight for the facts in court and is seeking whistleblowers. Under Barack Obama, AP reporters were spied on, a Fox News reporter and his family were surveilled, and some were imprisoned or threatened with it.


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