Chilling! UT-Austin Slasher-Killer Appears to Be an Anti-White Racist


The University of Texas killer Kendrix J. White appears to be an anti-white racist who once produced a 14-minute film in 2012 titled, “Haitian Revolution”, in which he depicts the genocide of whites.

The film was made with his classmates at UT-Austin.

This is a breaking news report from Got News. Watch the video.

Campus rumors are circulating that White targeted members of fraternities who were wearing their Greek letters.

Fraternities at the university have been subject to recent vandalism by snowflakes who accuse them of furthering white supremacy and enabling rape. A manifesto from the vandals was printed on the website of terrorist front It’s Going Down, Got News reported.

This is the racist killer now:

Meet the murdered young man, Harrison Brown, slaughtered because he was white or in a fraternity by this black man/terrorist. He sings about when he gets older.

There is no doubt the media will blast this everywhere and Al Sharpton will march in the streets for the sake of white youth murdered by black racists (sarcasm).

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